How to view access stats from my short link?

Just add a plus "+" to the end of your short url to view complete access stats information about your shortened url.

E.g.: https://geb.li/status+


Is the short url case sensitive?

Yes, the short url is case sensitive.


Does the URL have an expiry date?

No, the short URLs don't have an expiry date, they will be always online.


How can I edit the links that I created?

You can change link titles, change stats privacy, change link destination and delete short links that you've created. You must be logged in to access the control panel.


How much does it cost?

Geb.li is a free service and will always be so.


Where can I find the "QR Code" of a short link?

To view an enlarged version of the QR Code, just add '/qr' after the short link address. E.g.: https://geb.li/status/qr